Microblading at Salon Avalon

Written by on February 2, 2018

Our featured service is microblading.

Microblading (also called Semi-Permanent Makeup, 3D Embroidery, Hair Simulation Effect, or Hair-Stroke Eyebrows) involves a small handheld tool to etch ink into the skin to create a natural looking brow. The tool allows the Esthetician to create individual hair strokes to mimic your own natural hair to create a feathering, or 3D, effect.

Microblading doesn’t deposit ink as deep as a permanent tattoo, and because of this, the ink will fade within 1-5 years (time is based on skin type, age, skincare routine, sun exposure, etc). While this may not seem so desirable, the benefit to having Semi-Permanent Makeup as opposed to Permanent Makeup, is that as the trends change, and as you age and your face shape changes, you can alter your brows accordingly.

At Salon Avalon, it is our goal to create styles that look amazing not only at the salon, but also at home. We offer innovative cuts, unique color concepts, quality SoCap hair extensions, advanced nail care, massage and a professional atmosphere without the pretentious mood.

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